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Emanuel Nieves, Senior Policy Manager

Areas of Expertise: Federal Policy, Financial Inclusion

Emanuel Nieves is Senior Policy Manager at CFED, where he works to inform and mobilize advocates across the country to push for policy change at the federal level that expands economic opportunity. He also leads CFED’s work on predatory lending and coordinates the Assets Building Policy Network. Before joining CFED, he worked at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, where he coordinated LISC’s local office advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C., and provided support on an array of housing and community development federal issues.

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Most Recent Blog Posts

May 24, 2017

President Trump’s Budget: Wealth Building for the Wealthy at the Expense of Working Families

The President released his FY18 budget proposal yesterday, and we don’t think low- and moderate-income families are going to be able to afford it.

May 5, 2017

The Financial CHOICE Act Ignores One of the Greatest Lessons Learned from the Great Recession

Families need a strong watchdog looking over Wall street, and the CFPB has been doing that for six years.

May 4, 2017

Toxic Inequality: It’s Not Just an Environmental Issue

Despite recent attention to the economic and social vulnerabilities facing people of color—Black and Latino populations in particular—the Trump presidency has shifted a great deal of national attention to the plight of White, working-class voters, many of whom elevated the President into office.

Apr 18, 2017

What Do Tax Policy and the Racial Wealth Divide Have to Do with Each Other?

Now that the attempt to repeal and replace the ACA is behind Republicans in Congress and the President, both have already begun to move on to their next big ticket item: comprehensive tax reform.

Apr 17, 2017

To Preserve Fair Housing & Fair Lending, We Need a Strong CFPB

Without a strong and independent CFPB, home buyers of color would be left vulnerable to the same practices that fueled the economic crisis and contributed to the vast racial wealth divide we see today.

Mar 16, 2017

Skinny Budget Starves Critical Programs

President Trump released his “skinny budget” earlier today – a document that is both a broad outline of his priorities and a troubling budget forecast for low- and moderate-income families trying to get ahead.

Feb 7, 2017

President Trump & Congressional Republicans Are Putting the Interests of Wall Street over Working Families

Framed as a way to remove burdensome regulations on the financial industry so that they can lend again, the exercise authorized by the President will only serve as a road map to weaken or eliminate common sense Wall Street reforms and consumer protections.

Jan 24, 2017

President Trump and Congressional Republicans Have Already Begun to Reduce Americans' Housing Choices

Four days into having total control of the federal government, Republicans have moved quickly to make it more expensive for Americans to purchase their first home as well as harder to ensure that federal funds are not being used to perpetuate housing segregation.

Jan 19, 2017

From Talk to Action: What The Next Administration Can Do to Help Close the Racial Wealth Divide

We’re proud to announce the release of a new publication which proposes several ambitious administrative actions the Trump administration could enact to help solve the problems of financial insecurity and wealth inequality.

Jan 11, 2017

Well-Intended, Well-Resourced Policies Aren’t Enough to Close the Racial Wealth Divide

While many questions still remain as to what the new President will do once in office, his actions over the past nine weeks have provided us with more details of what he may prioritize.

Dec 20, 2016

New IASP/CFED Report Finds Universal Policies Designed to Help Students Succeed May Exacerbate the Racial Wealth Divide

Analysis calls for broad use of "Racial Wealth Audit" to ensure more equitable investments in education.

Oct 10, 2016

#ConsumersCantWait Campaign Achieves Two Major Victories Last Week

Fresh off the heels of another great Assets Learning Conference, consumer advocates reached two major milestones with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last week.

Aug 9, 2016

The Wealth Gap Between Black and White Families Is Getting Worse

The U.S. Constitution was ratified a full 228 years ago. If that seems like a really long time, that’s because it is. But if current trends continue, that’s how long it will take for the average black family to reach the level of wealth the average white family has today.

Jul 14, 2016

Both Parties Need Racial Economic Justice at the Top of the Agenda

Communities of color face deeply rooted, institutionally discriminatory problems within the criminal justice system. But they also face persistent racial economic inequities.

Jun 10, 2016

Action Alert: Tell Congress to Reject Policy Riders that Weaken Housing & Financial Consumer Protections

The FY17 Financial Services and General Government bill is full of harmful policy riders. Take action now before it moves to the House Floor within the next few weeks for a final vote!

Jun 9, 2016

CFED Applauds Proposed Payday Lending Rules; Urges Even Stronger Consumer Protections

One week ago today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released their highly anticipated proposal to stop the debt trap

Jun 2, 2016

The CFPB Just Proposed Payday Lending Rules!

Act Now to Strengthen the Rules

May 5, 2016

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap to Build an Inclusive Economy

As the media sheds light on the senseless killing of one young black person after another, the inequities and structural barriers facing communities of color have come into sharp focus.

Apr 7, 2016

No, The CFPB Payday Rules Will Not Leave Consumers Worse Off

Payday loans are bad products that trap families in financial distress. But you wouldn’t know that listening to the payday industry fight against reforms proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB).

Mar 21, 2016

The CFPB Released a Plan to Regulate Predatory Lenders a Year Ago, but Consumers are Still Waiting for Action

And since last March, consumers of predatory payday and auto-title loans have lost over $8 billion of their hard-earned money .

Feb 25, 2016

Why Banks Don’t Want to Lend to Small Businesses (and 3 Things that Could Help)

It’s one of the most frustrating realities facing today’s small business owners and small business owners-to-be.

Feb 23, 2016

Federal Policies Helped Create the Racial Wealth Divide. Here’s the First Step to Fixing It.

The next president should take executive action within the first 100 days.

Jan 27, 2016

Borrowers Need Better Options than Predatory Payday Loans

In an opportunity economy, there is no room for industries that strip wealth from consumers who are already struggling to get ahead. Consumers deserve a holistic solution for addressing their borrowing needs.

Jan 12, 2016

After Years of Advocacy Work, VITA is Stronger Than Ever

Last month Congress approved an additional $3 million in funding, for a total of $15 million, in fiscal year 2016 for community tax programs nationwide—the first funding increase for the program since 2010!

Dec 18, 2015

Success! Congress Just Acted to Protect Working Families—Thanks to Tireless Advocacy Efforts

This week’s legislative victories are the direct result of sustained and tireless effort by advocates—including members of the A&O Network and the Taxpayer Opportunity Network—who work on behalf of low- and moderate-income families.

Dec 9, 2015

Florida Lawmakers Want to Spread the State’s Dangerous Payday Loan Model Nationwide

The Florida model siphons $280 million in fees each year from lower-income Floridians and allows consumers to be trapped in a cycle of debt and financial insecurity.

Nov 24, 2015

How to Stop Predatory Lenders Now

There are now 836 payday and auto title lenders in Ohio—more than the number of McDonald’s in the state.

Oct 27, 2015

Infographic: 3 Things that Contribute to the Racial Wealth Gap

By 2043, it is estimated that the majority of the U.S. population will be comprised of people of color. To build the economy of tomorrow, we need to address three challenges today.

Oct 6, 2015

Victory! Military Members Just Got Enhanced Consumer Protections Against Predatory Lending

Military members shouldn't have to beware of predatory lenders and getting trapped in debt. This week, an expansion of consumer protections for service members will ensure that they don't have to.

Sep 1, 2015

Will Veterans Get Their GI Benefits Back From For-Profit Colleges?

In the fight to help the victims of for-profit institutions, America's military service members are getting left behind.

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