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Lillian Singh, Director, Racial Wealth Divide

Areas of Expertise: Racial Wealth Divide, Economic Inequality

Lillian Singh is the Director of the Racial Wealth Divide Project at CFED. She is a vibrant leader with established capabilities in partnership management, project design, program implementation and fundraising. She will work with the Racial Wealth Divide team to strengthen CFED’s outreach and partnership with communities of color and advance CFED’s racial wealth divide analysis.

Previously, Mrs. Singh served as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the NAACP National Economic Department. She directed alliances with external allies cross the corporate, private, government and nonprofit sectors–to advance economic equity goals. With respect to program management, she oversaw economic education initiatives focused on grassroots organizing and grasstops engagement, connecting NAACP state and local affiliates with corporate, private and national nonprofit partners. Mrs. Singh directed three community economic development program initiatives that promoted asset development in low- to moderate-income African-American communities across the country. In addition, she spearheaded fundraising efforts, including grant proposals and competitive grant competitions, to secure the annual revenue budget.

Mrs. Singh has experience working at the intersections of research, policy and practice. Prior to the NAACP, she worked at the D.C. Children Youth Investment Trust Corporation (CYITC), a nonprofit organization working to increase the quality, quantity and accessibility of services for children, youth and families. There, she provided grant management and research support. She also worked at Child Trends, a leading research organization where she led applied research projects, and at Symphonic Strategies, a full-service research, training and consulting firm, where she provided capacity building and technical assistance to nonprofit service providers.

Mrs. Singh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning and Master of Arts in Sociology, both from Stanford University.

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