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Contributing to The Inclusive Economy

Posted on 01/01/2014 @ 09:00 AM

CFED loves giving others the opportunity to share their ideas, and being a Guest Contributor for The Inclusive Economy is a great way to do so.

Tips for Creating Great Content

  1. Make it concise.
    We don’t have a word limit, and people typically don’t read really long blog posts. Try keeping your submission under 750 words, and if you need to break it down into multiple blog posts, we’ll consider a blog series.
  2. Make it digestible.
    Sometimes you need a lot of words to say what you want to say. In those cases, try making your content more scannable and digestible. Use “listicles” (articles structured as lists, like the one you’re reading), break up content with headings and subheadings, or display content visually, where possible.
  3. Make it stand out.
    There’s a ton of content on the internet. Blog posts that earn high readership do so because they have headlines that make the reader want to read in the first place, and open with a hook that make readers want to continue reading. Think about headlines and hooks that pique curiosity, make bold claims or ask interesting questions.
  4. Make it shareable.
    Posts on The Inclusive Economy are optimized for sharing; Twitter and Facebook buttons on the bottom of each post make it easy to garner more attention for your content. Take this shareability one step farther by embedding links to your social media profiles.
  5. Make it memorable.
    The best posts are those that make the reader want to talk about the content with a friend: “I was reading this blog post the other day that really made me think about x.” You can make your content memorable by stating and defending an opinion, sharing timely news or information, or explaining something that is worth understanding.

Steps for Submitting Great Content

  1. Submit your content as an attachment via email to
  2. Include a high-resolution photo and a 1-2 sentence biographical sketch. (optional)

Examples of Great Content


By submitting content, you are indicating that you understand that CFED reserves the right to make edits to the article copy. You also agree that we may include the following language with the published material: This post is from a Guest Contributor and does not necessarily reflect the views of CFED, its staff or its partners.

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* These are guidelines, not rules. Just write, and the rest will work itself out.

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