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1:1 Fund Kicks Off Two Major Fall Campaigns – Join Today!

By Carl Rist on 09/03/2015 @ 05:00 PM

Tags: Children's Savings Accounts

The 1:1 Fund, CFED’s fundraising and marketing platform that makes it easy for donors to help kids save for college by matching their deposits into savings accounts, is planning two opportunities this fall to help make kids’ college dreams come true. First, the 1:1 Fund is partnering with Prudential on the “Race for Retirement,” a national campaign and 4.01K race in Washington, DC, that aims to increase awareness of the retirement challenge and encourage people to start saving more. Second, we’re working with several of our Children’s Savings Account partners on a back-to-school campaign to raise more matching dollars for kids’ college dreams.

CFED is grateful for the chance to partner with Prudential on the upcoming Race for Retirement. You may be wondering what the 1:1 Fund and children’s savings have to do with retirement savings. To us, the answer is clear: although the ultimate savings goals are different, the 1:1 Fund and Prudential both understand that small savings in the short-run can lead to big dreams in the future. In fact, one of the biggest barriers to saving for retirement is the cost of higher education, with many families having to choose between saving for their children’s education and saving for their own retirement. The capstone Race for Retirement event will be a 4.01K race on October 4 in Washington, DC. If you’re in the DC area, join us for the race and festival! For every person who signs up at and takes the pledge to increase their retirement savings, Prudential will donate $25 to the 1:1 Fund.

The 1:1 Fund is also coordinating a week-long Back-to-School fundraising campaign that will take place the week of September 14. Several 1:1 Fund partners will participate, and the 1:1 Fund will match donations of up to $500 that we receive that week dollar-for-dollar. We’re also offering a $500 bonus for each partner that acquires at least 25 new donors during the Campaign. If you have a 1:1 Fund partner in your community, stay tuned for the Back-to-School campaign and be sure to let your friends and colleagues know all about it!


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