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18,000 More Reasons Why Kids’ College Dreams are Within Reach

By Carl Rist and Delaney Luna, Graduate Intern on 07/07/2016 @ 09:00 AM

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The results are in! The 1:1 Fund’s June Graduation Campaign raised over $18,000 from 100 individual donors to match the college savings of low-income children across the country. When paired with the 1:1 Fund’s dollar-for-dollar match, the June campaign helped our partners raise nearly $34,000 for low-income child savers in their communities, making this the 1:1 Fund’s second-most successful crowdfunding campaign. These funds will support 1:1 Fund partners in six communities, including two affiliates of the I Have A Dream Foundation (New York City and Boulder, CO), Inversant (Boston, MA), Kickstart to Career (Barry County, MI), Lansing SAVE (Lansing, MI) and St. Louis College Kids (St. Louis, MO). Thank you to our partners and donors for supporting the college dreams of low-income children!

Not only did our June campaign achieve great results, it also engaged new Children’s Savings Account (CSA) partners. For example, this was the first fundraising campaign that included the Barry Community Foundation’s Kickstart to Career program—the newest 1:1 Fund partner. This new CSA initiative launched earlier this year and provides a matched college savings account to all incoming kindergarten students in Barry County. The Barry Community Foundation proves that children’s savings programs can make a difference for children in rural communities as well as in urban and suburban communities. Through its participation in our graduation campaign, the Barry Community Foundation secured 41 donations totaling nearly $3,300. With the additional match from the 1:1 Fund, the Kickstart to Career program has an additional $6,300 to incentivize children and their families to save for college.

The 1:1 Fund’s transition to a new technology platform ( helped our partners improve their fundraising results. We first tested this platform in April through a fundraising campaign focused on financial capability. The El Monte Promise Foundation’s Scholars Savings Program (El Monte, CA) participated in this campaign and secured $13,000, which the 1:1 Fund matched.

We look forward to welcoming additional CSA partners to the 1:1 Fund throughout 2016 and engaging them—along with our current partners—in our Back to School campaign, September 12-16.


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