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The Inclusive Economy

A National Grassroots Campaign to Mobilize Americans against Wealth Inequality

By Ezra Levin on 11/12/2015 @ 10:00 AM

Tags: Federal Policy, News

For years, CFED has recognized the role that the tax code plays in exacerbating wealth inequality. We’ve documented again and again how “upside-down” tax programs help those at the top grow their wealth while doing little for everyone else, and we have pushed for specific policy reforms to change the equation. Unfortunately, just analyzing the tax code isn’t enough to change it. Over the last several decades, these inequitable tax programs have only increased in size, widening the divide between those at the top and the rest, between men and women and between white households and households of color. To change these tax programs, advocating on our own is not enough—we must engage the majority of people in America who are currently getting the short end of the stick.

But here’s our challenge: how do we get people to engage on an issue as boring as tax policy? Our solution? This week, we launched a new national campaign: Turn It Right-Side Up.

The Turn It Right-Side Up campaign kicked off on Monday with a new website——and a new animated video that simplifies the tax issues we face. The video is just the first step; as the campaign grows and evolves, we’ll continue producing new materials and engaging new audiences to promote the importance of equitable tax reform. One central way we’ll do this is by working with those who matter most: taxpayers themselves. Turn It Right-Side Up will amplify the voices of the low-wage workers and advocates who, by sharing their powerful stories, can effect meaningful change.

There are three ways you can participate in the Campaign right now:

  1. Watch the video to learn about how the upside-down tax code impacts families in your community.
  2. Sign up to stay informed about opportunities to take action.
  3. Share this Campaign with friends and colleagues.

By joining the Turn It Right-Side Up campaign, you will advance equitable tax programs that help all families in America have the opportunity to get—and stay—ahead.


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