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As Family Assets Count Draws to a Close, Municipal Advocates Have Much to Celebrate

By Solana Rice on 05/05/2016 @ 11:00 AM

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In 2014, we launched Family Assets Count in partnership with Citi Community Development. The goal of this project was to influence local policymakers to invest in financial security strategies, build relationships with funders, and raise public awareness about financial insecurity in order to create more effective partnerships and solutions to household financial vulnerability in the United States. To achieve this ambitious goal, we developed a user-friendly website that offers data on key measures of financial security, produced tailored data profiles in select cities, provided capacity-building coaching and technical assistance to Assets & Opportunity Network Leaders and conducted outreach to local and national media outlets. As Family Assets Count draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at the many accomplishments of this unique partnership.

Family Assets Count supported partners in 10 cities to raise the visibility of financial security challenges and solutions with local elected officials, funders and the public. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Engaging Elected Officials: In all 10 cities, CFED and local partners used the Assets & Opportunity Local Data Center to develop in-depth data profiles to engage mayoral, county and local agency staff in conversations about solutions to help city residents build financial security. Through presentations and individual conversations, we shared Family Assets Count data with approximately 700 local stakeholders, 30 municipal leaders and dozens of Congressional staff.
  • Sharing with Funders: In Sacramento, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland and Washington, DC, CFED partnered with the Asset Funders Network to organize funder briefings. We engaged more than 40 private and family foundations, showcasing provocative data and making recommendations about how their grantmaking could better promote financial security.
  • Gaining Media Attention: During the 2014 Assets Learning Conference, we launched the national mapping tool, which allows users to drill down on four measures of financial security at the local level. This online resource was covered by The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Marketplace and CBS News, enabling us to reach millions of potential new advocates. Nearly a dozen local outlets across the country also profiled their localities, and we garnered substantial media attention in several of the cities where we launched in-depth data profiles. As a result, many of our Assets & Opportunity Network partners have new relationships with their local media outlets. To read this coverage and more, please visit
  • Building Local Capacity: In many cities, the release of local data profiles raised the visibility and credibility of our Assets & Opportunity Network partners. The data allowed our local partners to initiate a dialogue with community organizations about next steps to improve the financial capability of their constituents. As a result, our local partners are now better positioned to influence local policies that affect household financial security.

Although the Family Assets Count project is drawing to a close, the resources it launched will continue to be available. To access these resources or learn more, visit


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