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CFED Announces Citi as Recipient of Assets & Opportunity Award

By Sean Luechtefeld on 09/23/2010 @ 11:18 AM

Tags: ALC 2010

Today at lunch, Citi CEO Vikram Pandit will be accepting the 2010 Assets & Opportunity Award. The award, given annually to the organization that best exemplifies innovative approaches to confronting asset poverty, will be presented during the lunchtime plenary, sponsored by the Levi Strauss Foundation, titled The Innovation Moment: Asset Innovations without Borders. CFED selected Citi, Platinum Sponsor of the 2010 Assets Learning Conference, because of their outstanding commitment to leveraging their resources to scale the impact of creative approaches to consumer savings products.

An example of Citi’s commitment to expanding economic opportunity for Americans living at the margins of the mainstream economy was demonstrated yesterday as Citi facilitated a Consumer Savings Dialogue Pre-Conference Session. This discussion brought together leaders in the consumer services field interested in developing a winning strategy to build assets in low-income communities. Over 20 innovative minds collaborated to explore specific financial, technical and communications investments that have the potential to optimize the outcomes of the variety of activities undertaken by the Citi Foundation in advancing America’s assets agenda.

CFED is grateful for the work Citi has done to innovate the financial services industry, for their commitment to the Assets & Opportunity field and for their support of the 2010 Assets Learning Conference.


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