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CFED Celebrates Financial Capability with Month-Long Campaign to Raise Awareness

By Sean Luechtefeld on 04/03/2015 @ 10:00 AM

Tags: Financial Capability

Last year, President Obama declared April National Financial Capability Month “to renew our drive to give all Americans the tools to navigate the financial world and gain the economic freedom to pursue their own measure of happiness.” To celebrate this proclamation, CFED launched a month-long campaign on Wednesday aimed at raising awareness about the importance of strategies that build financial capability for all Americans. Today, we are excited to share details about this campaign and to invite you to get involved.

This campaign is especially timely given several new projects that CFED and its partners are undertaking to boost financial capability. Today marks the official launch of a new collaboration with the Cargill Foundation—the Family Financial Empowerment Learning Partnership—in which we’ll convene nonprofit leaders to expand financial capability initiatives in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Iowa and the Dakotas. Next week, we’ll be announcing the seven organizations that have been selected to participate in another new initiative, this one supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co—the Community Financial Empowerment Learning Partnership. The participants in this Learning Partnership will receive deep technical assistance from CFED to expand and integrate financial capability strategies into their existing work. And, stay tuned at the end of April for an announcement about an exciting event we’ll be hosting here in Washington this fall—the Platforms for Prosperity Summit—which will explore the many opportunities to integrate financial capability into social service systems.

As we gear up for the next four weeks of our Financial Capability Month campaign, here’s what you can expect: each week, we’ll explore a theme that focuses on a particular platform for building financial capability. At the beginning of each week, we’ll publish an in-depth thought piece on The Inclusive Economy explaining how that platform can be used as a financial capability-boosting strategy. Throughout the week, we’ll welcome guest bloggers to share their perspectives on financial capability and share resources that will be helpful for anyone interested in financial capability, whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the field or just getting your feet wet.

Of course, the ability of this campaign to show how financial capability can be a successful strategy for expanding financial well-being depends on a strong and unified voice, so we invite you and your colleagues to get involved. One way to do so is by checking out our financial capability marketing toolkit, where you’ll find shareable content that you can use to spread the word about Financial Capability Month. We also invite you to check out our Financial Capability Month Resource Hub, which we’ll be updating daily with publications, social media content and more. By using and sharing these resources, together we can amplify the importance of financial capability and make the case for why every household needs access to services, supports and opportunities to build a financially secure future.


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