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CFED Launches Taxpayer Opportunity Network. Join Today!

By J.C. Craig on 01/15/2015 @ 11:00 AM

Tags: EITC, Federal Policy

As we shared in November, CFED has taken on the job of coordinating the community tax preparation field, nationally. The name for the new endeavor, the Taxpayer Opportunity Network, reflects the promise of community tax preparation programs to provide low-income families with the opportunity to receive tax benefits, meet their civic tax obligations and pursue their personal financial goals.

For 40 years, community tax programs have been helping people build assets. Their core services—tax preparation, tax controversy assistance and taxpayer education—increase taxpayers’ income available to pay off debts, invest in larger purchases and put away some savings for tomorrow. The Taxpayer Opportunity Network will strengthen delivery of core tax services and will use the field’s knowledge and experience to advocate for public policies that benefit their constituents—low-income taxpayers.

As the filing season begins, tax prep volunteers are being trained and certified and programs are reaching out to taxpayers. The Network will focus on developing immediately useful and easy-to-access materials, training and advice support the tax season operations. We’re also beginning a listening tour with a range of stakeholders to help envision what the Taxpayer Opportunity Network will look like in the future.

As of today, community tax programs nationally are invited to join the Taxpayer Opportunity Network. By joining the Network, you will receive updates about learning and advocacy community opportunities, as well as news and latest developments from the community tax field. You will also be asked for input on what you want from the Taxpayer Opportunity Network in the future and how you would like to engage, ensuring a Network that is responsive to your needs.

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