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In Case You Missed It – June 20 Edition

By Sean Luechtefeld on 06/20/2011 @ 10:45 AM

Tags: Recommended Reading

In case you missed it, here’s your recap of last week’s top posts from in and around the assets & opportunity blogosphere.

Save Now, or Forever Remain Behind
An interesting piece from the New America Foundation’s Asset Building Program highlights how not only is the racial wealth gap huge and increasing, but that it also starts very young. Seems to me like another argument for why saving from birth is essential for entry into the economic mainstream. Check out the blog post here.

Women and Children? Nah.
Kathryn Baer’s Poverty & Policy blog explains (with some snark, which I appreciate) how House Republicans have proposed cutting the WIC program in the name of fiscal health. Seems like the fiscal health of the US shouldn’t be funded on the backs of the nine million or so low-income pregnant women, women with infants and children, and the children themselves. For more, read here.

The American Dream? Is That Even Still a Thing?
Isaiah Poole at the Campaign for America’s Future has a thought-provoking blog post about the American Dream and whether or not we really want to reclaim something that has been, by definition, exclusionary. He argues that in order for the American Dream to exist, and for it to be inclusive, a strong grassroots movement has some heavy footwork ahead. Read more here.

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