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New Brief Highlights Opportunities for Expanding or Aligning Financial Capability Efforts

By Megan Bolado and Dominique Derbigny on 03/09/2017 @ 09:00 AM

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At CFED, we spend a lot of time on the road delivering technical assistance and bringing organizations together to help them maximize their impact in their communities. As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge and best practices, it is our pleasure to document the lessons we learn from our deep engagements with the many partners who make the work of boosting financial capability possible. A prime example is the Community Financial Empowerment Learning Partnership, an 18-month project that JPMorgan Chase & Co. generously supported. Today, we’re excited to share “Paving the Way: A Roadmap for Organizations Partnering to Deliver Financial Capability Services,” a brief which documents the phases of the financial capability integration lifecycle—discover, design, implement and converge—as experienced by the members of the Learning Partnership. These lessons provide powerful insights for organizations eager to integrate financial capability services into their existing work or to partner across their communities to help boost clients’ financial well-being.

The Community Financial Empowerment Learning Partnership concluded in September 2016. The Learning Partnership consisted of seven groups of community-based organizations seeking to improve their clients’ financial lives by expanding and aligning financial capability service delivery to more holistically support their communities. Participants in the Learning Partnership included:

  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa (Sonoma County, CA)
  • Clarifi, with partners City of Philadelphia and Energy Coordinating Agency
  • Financial Guidance Center (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Massachusetts Community Action Partnership
  • United Way of Miami-Dade, with partners Catalyst Miami, Branches and the City of Miami
  • Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency (Detroit, MI)
  • WiNGS, with partners New Friends, New Life and Metrocrest Services (Dallas, TX)

Over the course of the project, important learnings emerged about the process of planning for and delivering financial capability services in partnership with others and “Paving the Way” shares these lessons with the field. These lessons reaffirm for us that integrating services can be an iterative and resource-intensive process for organizations, especially when partnering across organizations and communities. However, applying the lessons and experiences of the organizations in the Learning Partnership may simplify the process and ultimately lead to improved impact on the financial capability of low- and moderate- individuals and families.

Download “Paving the Way” today and browse a range of other financial capability integration resources at


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