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New Lead Organizations in the Assets & Opportunity Network

By Jennifer Brooks on 04/09/2012 @ 02:30 PM

Tags: Assets & Opportunity Initiative

Responding to increasing interest in the Assets & Opportunity Network, CFED opened a Round II Request for Letters of Interest in February, inviting organizations in states and local areas not already served by Lead Organizations to apply to participate in the Assets & Opportunity Network in that role.

We’re excited to announce that 10 new Lead State and Local Organizations will be joining the A&O Network – five local and five state. These organizations will join the 51 other Lead State and Local Organizations in the A&O Network. To learn more about these organizations, including latest news and updates, visit the A&O Network website.

The 10 new Lead Organizations are:

New Lead State Organizations

New Lead Local Organizations

In the next several months, CFED will be working with each of these organizations to build their own microsites under the Assets & Opportunity web portal to use for coalition-building, advocacy and to connect with peers.

Background on the A&O Network: The Assets & Opportunity Network is a national movement-oriented group of advocates, practitioners, policymakers, and others nationwide working to expand the reach and deepen the impact of asset-based strategies. Network members are on the frontlines of state and local policy advocacy, coalition-building and service delivery.

The purpose of this Network is to serve as both a learning community and advocacy community—to connect members to ideas, tools and people that can both enhance their capacity to effectively deliver asset-related services, as well as to enhance their capacity to advocate for policies that will bring the opportunity to learn, earn, save, invest and protect to millions more Americans.


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