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Now Available: New Resources for Integrating Financial Capability

By Jennifer Medina on 01/11/2017 @ 09:00 AM

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Building the financial capability of low- and moderate-income families is a priority for CFED and our many partners in the field. As part of our commitment to this priority, CFED has provided technical assistance to community-based organizations interested in integrating financial capability services into their existing programs as part of the Family Financial Empowerment Initiative, a two-year project supporting financial capability integration in the northwest. As part of this work, we had the opportunity to produce several resources to support the growing slate of organizations seeing financial capability as critical to improving outcomes. Now, we’re excited to kick off 2017 by sharing these resources—including two videos and six tips sheets—with the field. We encourage you to take a few minutes to explore these new resources and share them with your partners!

Financial Capability Integration in Practice. In this eight-minute video, service providers and nonprofit leaders share their stories about the promise of integrating financial capability into the services they offer, while clients speak to the ways in which financial capability has made a positive difference in their financial lives.

Household Financial Security Framework. CFED recently revamped its Household Financial Security Framework, which we launched last month with a new animated video. The Framework helps illustrate how people must be able to navigate financial systems, learn key skills, earn money, save their earnings, own assets and protect those assets in order to achieve financial security.

Tip Sheets for Practitioners. CFED developed six tip sheets to help practitioners integrate financial capability services into their existing programs. Ranging from tips on how to select a target program for integration to strategies for serving specific populations to ideas for supporting clients from financial instability to stability, these easy-to-use tip sheets are filled with helpful advice from experts in the field.

To browse these and other resources, visit our online hub for Financial Capability Integration at


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