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Taxpayer Opportunity Network Welcomes 12 Inaugural Steering Committee Members

By Fran Rosebush Baylor on 01/07/2016 @ 04:00 PM

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Last month, the Taxpayer Opportunity Network announced the 12 members of its inaugural Steering Committee. Since its launch a year ago, the Network has grown to more than 700 members, built relationships with leaders from across the community tax preparation field, launched an online training tool and engaged its members in advancing strong policies that benefit taxpayers across the country. As the Network continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of its members and the communities they serve, the new Steering Committee will play an important role in determining the strategic direction of the Network and its top priorities.

Taxpayer Opportunity Network members were actively engaged in the selection process, with over half of the membership nominating and then voting on candidates. We're excited to have such a diverse and experienced group of state and local leaders from the field to help guide us as we move into our second tax season and plan for the years ahead. Indeed, each member selected for the Steering Committee has demonstrated unique dedication to the interests of low-income taxpayers and to representing the collective interests of the field. These individuals bring a wide range of expertise in community tax assistance—including tax preparation, tax controversy and policy advocacy—and serve diverse populations of taxpayers in communities across the country.

Read more about the 12 inaugural Network Steering Committee members here.

The Taxpayer Opportunity Network brings together organizations and individuals who provide tax assistance to low-income communities at no or little cost to taxpayers. Quality tax services help families and individuals secure important tax benefits, reduce debt and meet their civic obligations as taxpayers, setting them on the path to financial security and opportunity. The Network shares critical information for effective service delivery, connecting expert practitioners across the country and providing timely tools and resources. It also elevates the voices of volunteer tax preparers and taxpayers to improve policy support for tax preparation assistance and to advance a fair tax system that benefits low-income households. You can learn more about the Network and become a member here.


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