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The 1:1 Fund Expands to New York

By Carl Rist on 10/14/2013 @ 01:30 PM

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The 1:1 Fund team was honored to attend an energizing event on October 1 at the Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School in the Bronx that marked our first expansion beyond the 1:1 Fund’s initial two pilot sites (San Francisco Bay Area and Mississippi). With kindergarteners, their parents and a special guest appearance by NFL star, Justin Tuck, and his wife, Lauran, we celebrated the launch of the College Savers Program.

This new and innovative children’s savings program, developed in partnership with Citibank, ideas42 and CFED, and with initial support from Justin and Lauren Tuck’s R.U.S.H. for Literacy, will initially work with 170 children, including 1st and 2nd graders in CAS’s College Prep Charter School and youth participating in CAS’s African American Male Initiative. By the launch, 135 families (or 79%) had already signed up. All participants will receive a Citibank savings account with a $100 initial gift, along with a dollar for dollar match up to the first $100 in savings, a $50 incentive for parents that enroll in automatic bill-pay to contribute to the account and eligibility for raffle prizes by making deposits.

The most exciting part about the launch was the announcement by the Tucks of their $100,000 investment in the College Savers Program (via the 1:1 Fund) and their conversation with parents about their own experiences and their hopes for all of the children in the program. Justin Tuck noted that he and his wife are both fortunate to be Notre Dame graduates and that they want participants “to have the same opportunity we had.”

Since studies show that low-income students with just $500 in a college savings account are three times more likely to enroll in college and four times more likely to graduate, starting to save during the school years is a big step in seizing that opportunity. And it’s also about creating a vision for the future. As Justin Tuck noted in his final remarks at the event: “I believe in you guys and hope you believe in yourselves. I’m your fan, too!”

To see more photos from the event, check out the slideshow below.


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