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The 1:1 Fund's Impact in 2014

By Claire Sorrenson, 1:1 Fund on 04/13/2015 @ 04:00 PM

Tags: Children's Savings Accounts, Matched Savings

The 1:1 Fund's recently released impact report celebrates the many successes of 2014. Here are our favorite highlights:

  • The 1:1 Fund is attracting more donors. In fact, we attracted more donors than ever – a total of 279 who contributed an impressive $280,000 in 2014. The matching dollars we raised incentivized over 2,000 students to save more than $1.3 million in college savings in 2014 alone.
  • The 1:1 Fund is growing. We doubled our network of partners from 4 sites to 8, expanding into 7 states across the country.
  • The 1:1 Fund is creating a legacy. Since our launch with just two pilot partner programs in 2012, we've raised $850,000 from 440 donors. Every single one of those dollars matches the college savings of a student, motivating them to save and strive for college.
  • The 1:1 Fund is motivating students. Students like Miguel, a second-grader in the Bronx. Miguel rallied friends and family to contribute to his savings account. In just 16 months, he saved nearly $1,200, $600 of which came from match and incentive funds. Miguel's mother said, "Miguel never wants to spend money on needless things. He always wants his money to go to his college savings account."
  • The 1:1 Fund is connecting children's savings partners, donors, and student savers. As Chris Avila Hübschmann, founder of 1:1 Fund partner Credit Do, explained, "The 1:1 Fund is like the quarterback for children's savings. They help connect the individuals who are in need of hope."

To read more, browse the interactive impact report below or download the PDF version.


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