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Upcoming Event: Behavioral Economics at Tax Time

By Kim Pate on 03/27/2012 @ 03:45 PM

Tags: Behavioral Economics, Entrepreneurship, Events

I’m not typically one for shameless self-promotion, but I’m really excited to share with you all information about an upcoming webinar that I am moderating. The webinar, co-presented with NeighborWorks America, is called “Applying Behavioral Economics for Improved Program Delivery and Greater Impact,” and it’s taking place on Tuesday, April 3 from 1 – 2 pm (Eastern).

As CFED’s Director of Entrepreneurship, I’m always working with partner organizations and folks working on-the-ground to identify ways to leverage tax time to the benefit of low-income entrepreneurs. What’s exciting about this webinar is that it explores that topic from the perspective of behavioral economics. It has also been designed to permit a more in-depth conversation than many webinars offer. The conversation will include CFED’s 2010 Innovator-in-Residence, Mindy Hernandez, and Foundation Communities’ Tax Services Manager Linda Paulson. The hour-long session will permit plenty of time for participants to jump in and ask questions, so I hope you’ll be able to join us.

You can find all of the details, including how to register, by visiting our Knowledge Center. Of course, if you have questions, you can also leave them below and we’ll be happy to answer them publicly. I hope to see you there!


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