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You’ve Got (TaxSlayer) Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Introducing Slain: Let’s Slay Together

By Rebecca Thompson on 11/03/2016 @ 11:00 AM

Tags: News, Taxpayer Opportunity Network

It seems as though every tax season, VITA programs have to overcome more hurdles and endure more challenges to provide tax preparation services to low- and moderate-income taxpayers. This year is no different. After many years with a different system, this season, community tax programs are transitioning to a new software—TaxSlayer—to prepare and file tax returns. While intrepid volunteers are taking the transition to TaxSlayer in stride, adapting to this new technology hasn’t always been easy (an experience that anyone who has used a computer can relate to!). To help navigate through the intricacies of TaxSlayer, the Taxpayer Opportunity Network has launched a new blog, Slain: Let's Slay Together.

Slain is a place for the VITA volunteer community to learn from one another about the nuances of TaxSlayer. When TaxSlayer users encounter challenges or hiccups that hinder their ability to prepare a return, we encourage them to write about it—along with any tips and tricks they discover along the way—through our online form. We track down answers to the challenges VITA volunteers come across and publish them on Slain so other volunteers can quickly troubleshoot.

Slain also offers a range of concrete tips to build the capacity of VITA volunteers to prepare accurate returns. From keyboard shortcuts to explanations of phrases like “get the red out,” these tips—which are also contributed by VITA volunteers—will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

We know that VITA programs operate efficiently to produce the highest quality and most accurate returns among all tax preparers nationwide. This is all because of the commitment of VITA volunteers, who are dedicated to carrying out a quality review processes and becoming proficient in whatever technology they use. We hope Slain can be a vital resource that helps all VITA volunteers maintain and even strengthen their already-high standards.


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