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To browse past CFED events, including webinar recordings, please see the listings below or see the complete archive here. For further resources, you may search CFED's Resource Directory.

Upcoming Events

  • Tax Time Savings: Tools to Help Promote Savings this Tax Season
    Tuesday, January 6 | 1-2 pm EST | Register here

    The tax refund often represents the largest single income infusion a taxpayer will see during the year. Providing taxpayers ways to save and generate interest with part of their refund can be a great opportunity for them. In order to support efforts to promote savings opportunities, the Assets & Opportunity Network and Taxpayer Opportunity Network are excited to host the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Doorways to Dreams Fund for “Tax Time Savings: Tools to Help Promote Savings this Tax Season” webinar on Tuesday, January 6 from 1-2 pm EST. During the webinar, you’ll hear about tools and resources that can help taxpayers learn about savings opportunities at tax time. These tools can help tax preparers, volunteers and others educate taxpayers about savings opportunities. You’ll also learn about “Save Your Refund,” a national program that you can leverage to offer savings incentives at tax sites.
  • Understanding EITC Outreach + Tools and Tips for Using Traditional and New Media
    Thursday, January 8 | 3-4 pm EST | Register here

    The Assets & Opportunity Network and Taxpayer Opportunity Network are excited to host the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities for “Understanding EITC Outreach + Tools and Tips for Using Traditional and New Media.” This webinar will take place on Thursday, January 8 from 3-4 pm EST. During the webinar, you will learn what tax credit outreach is and why it is important. You’ll also hear about tools, resources,and tips you can incorporate into your outreach and messaging this tax season. This webinar features staff from AFI Grantee and Assets & Opportunity Network Lead Organization Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB), who will share lessons, tips and experiences with operating a local EITC outreach campaign and incorporating new media into their EITC outreach efforts.
  • Consent to Use and Consent to Disclose Tax Return Information: Model Practices Related to Regulation 7216
    Tuesday, January 13 | 1-2 pm EST | Register here

    Gaining appropriate permission to share taxpayer information or contacting the taxpayer regarding anything not related to the current years’ tax return is governed by Regulation 7216. It’s critical for tax preparation programs and organizations collecting and using data from tax sites to understand these regulations, the permissions you need to collect and how to develop appropriate consent forms. The Taxpayer Opportunity Network is excited to host Steve Holt for “Consent to Use and Consent to Disclose Tax Return Information: Model Practices Related to Regulation 7216” on January 13 to present this important information. If you have specific questions related to Regulation 7216 you’d like to see addressed during this webinar, please email them to by January 9.
  • ACA and Taxes: Resources for VITA and Other Social Service Providers
    Thursday, January 15 | 1-2 pm EST | Register here

    Taxpayers often come to tax sites without health insurance or not knowing whether they have it or how to access it. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there will be lots of questions that VITA volunteers and other social service providers will want to be able to answer. The Assets & Opportunity Network and Taxpayer Opportunity Network are excited to host the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities for “ACA and Taxes: Resources for VITA and other social service providers” webinar on Thursday, January 15 from 1-2 pm EST. During the webinar, you’ll hear about tools, resources and training opportunities to help VITA volunteers and others address taxpayer questions as they relate to health insurance and the ACA.

Recent Events

  • On November 12-13, CFED hosted its 10th annual I’M HOME Conference in Seattle, WA. The conference is an annual gathering where a range of audiences interested in applying manufactured housing solutions to affordable housing challenges come together to share progress, highlight innovative practices and lessons learned and make new connections. On November 11 – 12, ROC USA held its CTAP training and the National Manufactured Homeowners Association (NMHOA) held their annual convention from November 14 - 15.

    Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the discussion on manufactured housing as affordable housing!
  • The 2014 Assets Learning Conference, Platforms for Prosperity took place September 17-19, 2014 in Washington, DC. Check out the ALC website for session notes, photos and videos from the conference.
  • On Thursday, July 17, CFED, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Penn State University and Action Housing held a convening titled "Health, Financial Security and Environment: Manufactured Housing in Southwest Pennsylvania". Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland-Pittsburgh Branch, the goal was to frame a three-year collaborative intervention for manufactured housing residents in eight southwest Pennsylvania counties. The program will be designed to positively impact the environmental, health, aging and financial security outcomes of manufactured housing residents. A key component, and one that many participants repeatedly came back to, is an evaluation element to determine the effectiveness of the project.
  • On Thursday, July 10, CFED hosted Mistakes to Success: Learning to Learn from Failure. During this free, hour-long webinar, panelists explored ways that we can apply the concepts of emergent learning to take advantage of ways to learn from failure. Click here to watch the recording!
  • The 2014 Children's Savings Conference: From Aspirations to Achievement took place April 29-30 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.
  • The Financial Education & Account Access Among Elementary Students webinar took place on Wednesday, April 23 from 2-3pm CDT.
  • On February 27, CFED and the Center for American Progress hosted a discussion on tax incentives and retirement savings on Capitol Hill. This event, headlined by Senator Elizabeth Warren, addressed how the tax code greatly encourages retirement savings by high-income earners while leaving behind middle- and lower-income families. Click here to read a recap of the event.
  • On Thursday, February 27, CFED President Andrea Levere participated in an in-depth discussion on asset poverty in Texas as part of a series hosted by KERA titled One Crisis Away. Click here to watch the One Crisis Away special.
  • On Wednesday, February 12, CFED President Andrea Levere was a featured speaker on an Aspen Institute webinar titled "What's in Your Piggy Bank?" The webinar explored new paths to economic security for children and their parents through Children's Savings Accounts and featured Reggie Bicha, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Human Services and Anne Mosle, Vice President at the Aspen Institute.
  • On January 30, CFED released the 2014 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard — the leading source of state-level data on financial security and policy solutions. Click here to view the release webinar.
  • On January 7, CFED's Savings & Financial Security Team hosted a webinar to answer questions from potential applicants to the MetLife Savings Innovation Learning Cluster. Check out the PowerPoint slides here and FAQs about the opportunity here.
  • On Tuesday, December 17, the BETA Project Team hosted a webinar called "Findings from the BETA Project" from 3-4 pm EST. The webinar explored findings from the Behavioral Economics Technical Assistance Project, a year-long collaboration between CFED, ideas42 and the Citi Foundation.
  • On November 7, we hosted How the Federal Tax Code is Driving Inequity and What You Can Do About It. This webinar was co-hosted by the Asset Funders Network, CFED, PolicyLink and others.
  • Supporting Children's Futures: Turning Child Support into College Savings was co-hosted with the Assets & Opportunity Network on Tuesday, November 12 from 2-3:30pm EST. Click here for more information.

Past Events

  • On September 26 at 7:30pm we hosted an early screening of Inequality For All, a documentary film about economic inequality in America, in Washington, DC.
  • On September 24, we hosted a convening on Innovations in Microenterprise from 8:30am-5:00pm at our DC office. A group of leading practitioners, funders and advocates for microenterprise and microentrepreneurs joined us to explore four innovative new models that can help financially vulnerable entrepreneurs enhance their financial capability and security.
  • On July 30, CFED hosted 'Energy Savings is Asset Building,' a webinar made possible with support from NeighborWorks America. Click here to access resources from this webinar.
  • On July 17, we hosted a Capitol Hill Policy Forum, Examining the Impact of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, sponsored by CFED & Democracy: A Journal of Ideas featuring Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and an expert panel in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room G-11. To browse photos from the event, click here.
  • On May 9, we hosted A Foot in the Door to the American Dream: A Forum on College Savings Accounts in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. This lunchtime policy forum was sponsored by CFED & Opportunity Nation. For more information, click here. Live audio recordings are on our Youpage page. See photos of the event here.
  • On March 29, we hosted Determining Participant Eligibility and Tracking Participant Progress. The slides and recording are forthcoming.
  • On March 27, we hosted Real Homes, Real Value: Improving Real Property Appraisals for Manufactured Homes. Click here for the slides and recording of the webinar.
  • On March 1, we hosted Affordable Housing as an Asset-Building Platform, an interactive webinar with support from NeighborWorks America. The slides and recording of the webinar are now available.
  • On February 26, we hosted, Can America Save Itself? Tax Reform, Savings and Financial Security, a Breakfast Policy Forum on Capitol Hill, featuring Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-PA) & Jonathan Mintz (Commissioner, New York City Department of Consumer Affairs) from 8:30 – 10:30 am in Washington, DC. To see a live recording of the event, click here. Photos are available here.
  • On January 30, we hosted a webinar to release the 2013 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard. The 2013 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard is a comprehensive look at how Americans are faring in terms of financial security and opportunity. The Scorecard is an important resource that advocates can use to help frame their 2013 agendas. To listen to the webinar, click here.
  • On December 4, CFED shared lessons that can inform other practitioners’ efforts to identify the best ways to serve low- and moderate-income job creators in a webinar called "What Works for Job Creators? Experimenting with Integrated Delivery Systems for Microenterprise Services."
  • CFED hosted an event in collaboration with the editors of Democracy on Tuesday, November 27 from 9 – 10:30 am at CFED’s National Office. Some of the best minds in economic mobility and wealth creation came together to argue what Washington’s top post-election priorities should be to restore American opportunity. Speakers included Andrea Levere (President, CFED), Ray Boshara (Senior Advisor and Community Development Policy Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis), James Carr (Fellow, Insight Center for Community Economic Development) and Sarah Rosen Wartell (President, Urban Institute). The event was moderated by Jim Tankersley (Economics Correspondent, National Journal). A live audio recording of the event is available here. Photos of the event are available here.
  • On November 15, CFED presented a webinar with support from NeighborWorks America called "The Assets & Opportunity Network and Scorecard: Opportunities for NeighborWorks Organizations to get Involved." Learn more and watch the recording here.
  • On Thursday, November 8, CFED hosted an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Election 2012 with CFED President Andrea Levere and Guy Molyneux, Partner at Hart Research Associates, one of the nation’s leading public opinion research firms. Guy offered his insights on the big trends that drove the 2012 election and gave his take on the major opportunities and potential challenges coming up in 2013 and his advice on how asset-building advocates can effectively advance an agenda. Click to view the webinar recording.
  • On Tuesday, October 16, CFED released its latest Scorecard data on the strength of state policies that create pathways to financial security and opportunity. The formal release took place during a webinar that is available exclusively to members of the Assets & Opportunity Network. To join the Network, and to listen to the webinar, click here.
  • On Thursday, October 4, CFED hosted an online interactive Q&A session for those considering applying for the Behavioral Economics Technical Assistance Project, a program brought to you jointly by CFED, ideas42 and the Citi Foundation. Click here for more information.

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