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Savings and Financial Security

Integrating Financial Empowerment Strategies into Housing and Homelessness Prevention Programs

While homelessness has been a “persistent and enduring feature in American history,”1 the recent economic downturn is producing a new face of those at risk of homelessness and a growing sense of vulnerability among many Americans.

Getting a Head Start on Financial Security

Early childhood is critical to a child’s cognitive, behavioral and social development, as well as his or her lifelong economic prospects. Recent research has shown that cognitive aptitude and ability are established early

Take the Money and Run? A Case Study of Non-Qualified Withdrawals in Children's Savings Accounts

In this report, CFED investigates whether parents act as good stewards of their Children's Savings Accounts.

Federal Stroke-of-a-Pen Guide

This report provides 20 examples of positive steps federal government agencies and Congress can take to help constituents – more and more of whom are facing financial insecurity – weather a bad economy.

Partnerships You Can Bank On: Sustainable Financial Institution Engagement in Bank On Programs

In this report, CFED investigates the sustainability of Bank On programs from the perspective of the financial institution.

Why Assets Matter

This short brief provides an overview of research on assets and their effect on financial stability and economic opportunity.


Self-Employment Assistance Expansion Advocacy Guide

This brief is a step-by-step guide for the microenterprise and asset-building fields to use in advocating for their states to offer new expansions of the federal Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) Program.

The VITA Value Proposition: Expanding Free Tax Assistance Program Parameters to Empower More Low-Income Microbusinesses

Sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Sam’s Club Giving Program, this white paper makes a series of arguments regarding why the IRS should expand the limited scope of its current Schedule C Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Pilot to the entire VITA system.

The Self-Employment Tax Initiative: Empowering Entrepreneurs at Tax Time

Sponsored by the Northwest Area Foundation, this brief provides an in-depth look at the value entrepreneurs contribute to the American economy, describes the impetus for the Self-Employment Tax Initiative and promotes successful, creative models for service delivery that SETI has supported over the years.

Native Entrepreneurship South Dakota’s Nine Reservations

Native Entrepreneurship South Dakota’s Nine Reservations This report examines common barriers to Native entrepreneurship in reservation communities, the entrepreneurial climate and small business development activity on each of the state’s nine reservations, and a range of recommendations for public and private institutions to consider in their efforts to expand access to capital and support services for Native entrepreneurs in reservation communities.

Economic Development

SMEs and Poverty Reduction: Case Studies and Summary Paper

CFED launched a Small Grants Program in 2006 designed to explore the linkages between SME strategies and poverty reduction. Four innovative strategies in four different countries were ultimately chosen to receive funding for the creation of case studies – guided by independent researchers and evaluators - that would document their theories of change, program components, and outcomes for poor individuals throughout the value chains of the SMEs they support.

Economic Development

CFED conducts rigorous research, analyzes new ideas, tests programs and advocates for policies that will lead to a more inclusive economy. We are committed to helping people that traditionally have not been able to benefit from our economy. Many of our publications are available online, free of charge. Others may be purchased.

Desktop Study: SMEs And Poverty Reduction

The desktop reviews in this report encompass key questions, issues and challenges affecting the ability of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector to reduce poverty in both developing and mature economies. Please download "Desktop Study: Case Studies and Supporting Documents" for addition resources.

At What Cost? North Carolina's "Budget" For Economic Development

Greater transparency lies at the heart of good government. With fuller disclosure, lawmakers, courts, citizens, and the media can significantly improve their oversight of public policies and spur programs toward higher impact and cost-effectiveness.

Development Finance And Regional Economic Development

What are the best ways to use development finance to spur regional economic development?

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