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Behavioral Economics

Through application of behavioral science to asset-building interventions, programs and policies can address the needs of low- and middle-income individuals more effectively. At CFED, we are providing support to practitioners seeking to incorporate behavioral insights into their program designs. Additionally, we have created this repository for practitioners learn more about behavioral economics in the asset-building field and are testing new strategies to promote further innovation in program delivery and effectiveness.

Latest Behavioral Economics Blog Posts

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: New Insights

The Poverty Interrupted initiative is a radical venture aiming to use insights from behavioral science to help break cycles of long-term poverty in America

Designing for Scarcity: A Behavioral Approach to Two-Generation Strategies with Poverty Interrupted

It’s easy to agree that poverty is a problem, but explaining its causes and prescribing solutions is a far more difficult and complex task.

Interview: CFED Interns Participate in Poverty Simulation

Last week, CFED interns Anne Guthrie, Valerie Marshall and Alexander Scarlis played the role of service providers in a simulation for nearly sixty Capitol Hill legislators, staff and interns to experience what it’s like to be in poverty.

The BETA Project

The Beta Project: Behavioral Economics Technical Assistance for the Assets Field

Learn more about the Behavioral Technical Assistance (BETA) Project, which uses behavioral economics theory to improve the effectiveness and reach of products and services that help people increase their financial stability.


Behavioral Economics 101

Behavioral Economics 101

New to behavioral economics or looking for a basic refresher? Read about some key behavioral principles and how they can relate to asset-building programs and policies.


Research and Resources

Research and Resources

Learn more about Behavioral Economics in the news, find useful books and videos, test yourself and learn more about applied behavioral research and policy proposals.


Behavioral Economics Blog

Check out the Behavioral Economics blog, featuring the latest in applied behavioral research, program and product design. These posts are also available at CFED's Inclusive Economy blog.


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