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Human Insights

What We Do

The Human Insights Initiative at CFED collaborates with asset building and financial capability organizations to learn from people in low- and moderate income communities and co-create strategies that demonstrate potential for enhancing the financial situation of people in those communities. Our work covers three key functions:

  1. Discovery to define a challenge, understand the people affected, and uncover the barriers they encounter by employing techniques such as in-depth interviewing, observation, journey mapping, logic modeling, and behavioral barriers reviews.
  2. Design to generate new solutions with facilitated brainstorming, drafting of prototype materials, and feedback from people in communities and other stakeholders.
  3. Testing to assess the viability of solutions in terms of appeal, feasibility, and effects through concept testing, user testing, and mini-pilots.

What We’re Working On

  • A planning tool to help with financial emergencies
  • A new service to help people pay bills on time
  • Understanding how Black business owners manage cash flow issues
  • Exploring how employers can improve financial wellness for young workers
  • Strategies to improve engagement of clients with credit counseling services

We're working on updating information on our human insights projects. For our old website on Behavioral Economics, click here.

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