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Fact File: Fair Housing April 2017
Although explicit housing discrimination has been…
Network Briefing: From Upside Down to Right-Side Up (Slides) May 2015

Accounting for the Role of Habit in Regular Saving May 2011
The present study combines insights from social psychology and economics by examining the role of savings habits in regular saving. As frequently practiced, automatic, and goal-facilitated behaviors, savings habits play a critical role in…
Household Debt and Saving during the 2007 Recession January 2011
Using credit report records and data collected from several household surveys, we analyze changes in household debt and saving during the 2007 recession. We find that, while different segments of the population were affected in distinct ways,…
SMEs and Poverty Reduction: Case Studies and Summary Paper October 2010
With generous support from the Ford Foundation's Affinity Group on Development Finance, CFED launched a Small Grants Program in 2006 designed to explore the linkages between SME…
What is innovation@cfed? August 2010
This webinar describes the functions of CFED's Innovation initiative.
Weathering the Storm: Have IDAs Helped Low-Income Buyers avoid Foreclosure? April 2010
To answer these questions, we worked with six …
Policy Innovation Brief: New Entrepreneur Tax Credit October 2009
CFED highlights the new and creative approach to addressing the New Entrepreneur Tax Credit that helps disadvantaged start-ups reap the benefits of formalizing their businesses.
A Prosperity Grid For North Carolina - Connecting Households And Communities To Economic Opportunity July 2009
A new report developed by the NC Asset Alliance entitled "A Prosperity Grid for North Carolina - Connecting Households and Communities to Economic Opportunity" outlines a number of steps the state can take to help individuals and families…
An Individual And Community Asset-Building Asessment Of The Mahoning Valley June 2009
In response to an invitation from the Raymond John Wean Foundation and the Community Wealth Building Advisory Committee (CWBAC), CFED conducted an assessment of the needs, opportunities and institutional capacity for individual and community…
Desktop Study: SMEs And Poverty Reduction April 2009
The desktop reviews in this report encompass key questions, issues and challenges affecting the ability of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector to reduce poverty in both developing and mature economies.
SEED Account Monitoring Research: Participants, Savings, and Accumulation March 2009
Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Downpayment (SEED) is a policy, practice, and research initiative to test the efficacy of and inform a national Child Development Account (CDA) policy in the United States. CDAs are accounts for…
Assets and Liabilities, Educational Expectations, and Children’s College Degree Attainment January 2009
This research examines relationships among household assets and liabilities, educational expectations of children and parents, and children’s college degree attainment. Special attention is paid to influences of different asset types…
City and Community Innovations in CDAs: The Role of Community Based Organizations January 2009
In the SEED Initiative, twelve community-based organizations (CBOs) across the United States and its territories …
Business Incentives Reform October 2008
Public officials often cite competitive pressures that force them into offering incentives that they know may be wasteful. CFED offers the best research on incentive design, administration, and evaluation, as well as reform options and alternatives.
Fulfilling the Commitment: Recommendations for Reforming Federal Student Aid in Brief September 2008
This report presents in concise form the recommendations of the Rethinking Student Aid study group, a team of policy experts, academic researchers, and higher education professionals who have spent the last two years studying the federal…
W.K. Kellogg Rural Entrepreneurship Development Systems Archived Website July 2008

This learning network website was a portal to access research and resources about rural entrepreneurship and creating entrepreneurship development systems. Some of the resources found on this website were the products of other rural…

The UK Child Trust Fund: A Successful Launch June 2008
This paper sets out some of the early findings from the UK’s experience of CTFs and highlights the key challenges for other countries that may be interested in implementing a national universal children’s…
At What Cost? North Carolina's "Budget" For Economic Development May 2008
Greater transparency lies at the heart of good government. With fuller disclosure, lawmakers, courts, citizens, and the media can significantly improve their oversight of public policies and spur programs toward higher impact and…
Native Entrepreneurship Nationwide & In South Dakota: A Summary Report To The Northwest Area Foundation February 2007
CFED and the Northwest Area Foundation have released this report summarizing efforts to promote Native entrepreneurship in two reservation communities in South Dakota and those of an earlier, national report on Native Entrepreneurship.

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