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Date Published: January 2017

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Overall, Minnesota has a strong policy infrastructure around protections for homeowners living in manufactured home communities. However, there is plenty of room for improvement in policies that govern how manufactured homes are titled, the opportunity for residents to purchase their communities and licensure of nonprofit organizations to sell manufactured homes.

Minnesota advocates are pursuing a comprehensive long- and short-term policy agenda, including improvements in the state’s purchase opportunity law, a better dispute resolution program for residents of manufactured home communities, and greater access to public resources and consumer protections. In June 2016, advocates successfully lobbied for increases in benefits provided by the Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund. They have also been active at the local level in zoning and development battles. Minnesota has a long commitment to cooperatives, and advocates are seeking opportunities to help residents purchase their communities despite the state’s weak purchase opportunity law.

This policy snapshot reviews state and local policies that affect homeowners, homebuyers, nonprofit dealers, developers and others with a stake in manufactured housing as a source of affordable housing. These include: laws protecting homeowners living in manufactured home communities, the right to treat manufactured homes as real property, state programs and policies, and local & municipal policy environment.

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