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HOTMA Comment Letter CFED
CFED's comments to the Department of Housing and Urban Development on the Department’s proposed implementation of the manufactured housing provisions of the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA).
Work Incentives and Asset Building: Successfully Engaging Clients on SSI and SSDI (Webinar) CFED
People with disabilities are often considered poor candidates for asset-building programs. The assumption is that if a person with a disability works and/or saves money they'll lose health insurance and cash benefits. While coming from a…
2012 Assets Learning Conference CFED
The 2012 Assets Learning Conference was the largest and most successful convening of the asset-building field yet.

By visiting the 2012 ALC website, you'll find all our conference highlights, including session presentations, YouTube…

Bringing Microenterprise Resources to Your State with the Self-Employment Assistance Program CFED
Small businesses not only drive the economy and job growth, they also provide a pathway for business owners to join America’s middle class and build wealth. In the current economic environment, entrepreneurship is, for many unemployed…
Comment Letter: Oppose return of asset tests in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program CFED, Assets & Opportunity Network
CFED and Assets and Opportunity Network ask House of Representatives to oppose return of asset tests in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in this Comment Letter
Savings Constraints and Microenterprise Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya University of California Santa Cruz
Does limited access to formal savings services impede business growth in poor countries? To shed light on this question, we randomized access to non-interest-bearing bank accounts among two types of self-employed individuals in rural Kenya:…
2012 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard CFED
The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard offers the most comprehensive look available at Americans’ financial security today and their opportunities to create a more prosperous future. The Scorecard explores how well residents are faring in the 50…
CFED urges Treasury Department leadership to expand bank access for low-income households CFED
CFED urges Treasury Department leadership to expand bank access for low-income households.
Solving Elders' Manufactured Home Problems: Tools, Resources, Legal Approaches CFED
The National Consumer Law Center and CFED’s Innovations in Manufactured Homes initiative co-sponsored a webinar to share information about legal approaches, tools and resources for dealing with the issues faced by elders living in…
Household Financial Security Framework CFED

CFED created the Household Financial Security Framework to illustrate – from a household’s perspective – what it really takes to build financial security over time. Individuals must first

CFED thanks Mr. Pomeroy for his efforts to expand asset-building policies CFED
CFED thanks Mr. Pomeroy for his efforts to expand asset-building policies.
2010 Assets Learning Conference CFED
From September 22-24, nearly 1,100 people descended on Washington, DC, to help propel the assets movement at its moment and the robust discussions that took place are sure to bring our field to the next level of scale and impact. We couldn’t…
$aveNYC Account: Innovation in Asset Building New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Office of Financial Empowerment
This research brief focuses primarily on OFE’s first research question, and presents findings from the first year of program implementation. Early findings do indeed show that those with lower incomes can and do save when presented with the…
2008 Assets Learning Conference CFED
Nearly 1,200 people from the public, private and…
The Essential Role of Banks and Credit Unions in Facilitating Lower-Income Household Saving for Emergencies Consumer Federation of America
This paper explores the role of banks and credit unions in helping LMI households build adequate emergency savings. After reviewing the extent of LMI emergency savings needs, it argues that these institutions have the unique capability and…
IDA State Policy Brief: IDAs And Public Assistance Asset Limits CFED, Center for Social Development
This second policy brief highlights some ways in which states can make it easier for Individual Development Account (IDA) holders (as well as other low-income households) to save toward their long-term goals without jeopardizing their…

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