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CFPB Tax Time Social Media CFPB
A resized (optimized for social media) version of the Tax Time Poster 2.
CFPB Tax Time Table Tent CFPB
A larger CFPB flyer with notes on direct deposit, savings bonds, and an introduction to the CFPB.
CFPB Tax Time Worksheet CFPB
A worksheet taxpayers can use to lay out what they would like to save for, what percentage of their tax refund they'd like to save, and which savings options (direct deposit vs savings bonds) they'd like to enroll in. Also has a calculator…
CFPB Tax Time Advance Checklist CFPB
A CFPB checklist of items tax payers should bring with them when seeing their VITA practitioner.
CFPB Tax Time Banner CFPB
A CFPB banner advocating using direct deposit to keep part or all of your tax refund for savings.
CFPB Tax Time Poster 2 CFPB
A CFPB poster suggesting using direct deposit to keep part of your tax refund.
CFPB Tax Time Small Poster CFPB
A CFPB poster with no graphic that advocates using direct deposit to keep part of your tax refund or buying a savings bond.
Tax Time Savings: Tools to Help Promote Savings this Tax Season Taxpayer Opportunity Network; Assets & Opportunity Network
The tax refund often represents the largest single income infusion a taxpayer will see during the year. Providing taxpayers ways to save and generate interest with part of their refund can be a great opportunity for them. In order to support…
2012 Assets Learning Conference CFED
The 2012 Assets Learning Conference was the largest and most successful convening of the asset-building field yet.

By visiting the 2012 ALC website, you'll find all our conference highlights, including session presentations, YouTube…

Building Economic Security in America's Cities: New Municipal Strategies for Asset Building and Financial Empowerment CFED
Local leaders are pioneering new ways to leverage the resources and regulatory power of municipalities to work across departmental silos and public/private sector divides to scale up economic inclusion and asset-building opportunities for…
Household Financial Security Framework CFED

CFED created the Household Financial Security Framework to illustrate – from a household’s perspective – what it really takes to build financial security over time. Individuals must first

2010 Assets Learning Conference CFED
From September 22-24, nearly 1,100 people descended on Washington, DC, to help propel the assets movement at its moment and the robust discussions that took place are sure to bring our field to the next level of scale and impact. We couldn’t…
2008 Assets Learning Conference CFED
Nearly 1,200 people from the public, private and…

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