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Date Published: December 2012

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The Manufactured Housing Metropolitan Opportunity strategy is designed to bring manufactured housing strategies further into the mainstream affordable housing space, particularly in metropolitan areas. This work is focused on the Ford Foundation’s Metropolitan Opportunity Unit, which is working in ten major metropolitan areas in the United States to increase access to opportunity for low income people. Each metropolitan area is defined based on the geographic reach of partners' work, the spatial distribution of the populations their efforts are intended to reach, and the “geography of power” within which decision making happens in the region.

This strategy aims to first inform and empower key stakeholders with new materials about the affordable housing need and resources, and the opportunity for manufactured housing strategies to serve those needs in these metropolitan areas. Our ultimate goal is to align existing I’M HOME network resources, partners and strategies with equitable metropolitan development resources, partners and strategies in order to leverage the collective impact of both fields.

This Policy Snapshot describes how the state and local policy environments affect owners of manufactured homes, affordable housing developers using factory-built housing and community organizers working with residents to preserve their communities. Because some metropolitan areas span multiple states, some metro areas will have multiple Policy Snapshots.

For the optimal reading experience, we recommend printing this four page document as a folded bulletin style publication on 11x17 inch paper.

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