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College Savings and Children's Savings

Lower-income children with up to $500 saved for college are three times more likely to go to college and four times more likely to graduate. College savings can create a pathway to postsecondary educational success, but current federal support for college savings is inequitable.

Scholarly Research on Children's Savings Accounts | Fact File (September 2016)
This Fact File outlines scholarly research studies that provide the empirical basis for current policy proposals around CSAs. It serves as an annotated bibliography of the research.

529 Reform: Promote a Culture of Savings & Educational Opportunity | Policy Brief (April 2014)
This Federal Policy Brief explores the opportunities for federal policy to create a culture of savings. The current structure of support naturally benefits households who can tap existing savings for educational purchases today while counting on support in the future after they file taxes. This does very little for the millions of households who have very little savings.

Upside-Down: Higher Education Tax Expenditures | CFED Report (May 2014)
This report provides an overview of the size and shape of higher education tax spending, the distribution of these benefits, the tax support for college savings in particular and federal policy recommendations that can expand educational opportunity for all Americans.

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