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Owning a home is still one of the most important ways for low- to moderate-income and minority households to build wealth and move up the economic ladder. Yet, these households face a number of barriers to homeownership, like high down payments, high closing costs, and a credit market that makes it challenging for many working families to obtain quality mortgages.

Building Wealth through Homeownership

Homeownership is Still out of Reach for Millions of Households | Fact File (June 2016)
As the housing market recovers and interest rates remain low, many Americans find themselves without the savings or access to credit necessary to be able to purchase a home. Although homeownership is not the best option for every household, many Americans who could greatly benefit from it are still excluded.

Comment Letter to Alfred M. Pollard, Federal Housing Finance Agency | Comment Letter (March 2016)
Comments to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) on Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s (the Enterprises) duty to serve underserved markets, as identified by Congress, which include rural housing, affordable housing preservation and manufactured housing

The Role of Asset-Building in Housing Finance Reform | Federal Policy Brief (April 2014)
This brief draws a blueprint for legislators to follow to ensure the benefits of homeownership are available to all while mitigating the risk for the public and private markets.

Cracks in the Foundation? Homeownership after the Housing Crash | Fact File (February 2013)
The current state of American homeownership is fragile. Even as the market recovers from the 2007-2008 housing crash, homeowners have yet to recover lost wealth, and first-time buyers are facing new obstacles to homeownership.

Manufactured Housing

Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016: Implementation of Various Section 8 Voucher Provisions | Comment Letter (March 2016)
CFED's comments to the Department of Housing and Urban Development on the Department’s proposed implementation of the manufactured housing provisions of the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA).

Creating Wealth Opportunities through Resident Ownership of Manufactured Home Communities | Federal Policy Brief (June 2014)
This Federal Policy Brief explores the ways in which lawmakers in Washington can help owners of manufactured homes build wealth through resident ownership of the communities on which their homes sit.

Manufactured Housing: Building Wealth at Home | Fact File (September 2013)
Owning a manufactured home opens the door to homeownership for millions of low- and moderate income American families who cannot afford to buy a site-built home. Unfortunately, many of the systems undergirding the manufactured housing industry present barriers for those who seek to build wealth through their homes.

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More Resources

Taking the First Step: Six Ways to Start Building Financial Security and Opportunity at the Local Level | CFED Report (December 2012)
This guide to local policy includes strategies to help cities protect homeowners from foreclosures by coordinating with service partners, lenders, and homeowners.

State Stroke of a Pen Guide: Invest | CFED Report (November 2011)
This guide to achievable state policy includes policies that support first-time homeowners through homeownership counseling, shared equity policies, and more.

Building Economic Security in America’s Cities | CFED Report (January 2011)
This report documents an emerging set of financial empowerment strategies that are being piloted and adopted by city governments, often in collaboration with partners from the private, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.

Integrating Financial Empowerment Strategies into Housing and Homelessness Prevention Programs | CFED Report (August 2012)
Several local governments and nonprofit organizations across the country are implementing innovative financial security and asset-building strategies that seek to expand the financial cushion for their residents and clients.

Shared Equity Homeownership | Policy Innovation Brief (2010)
Shared equity homeownership is a rapidly growing strategy in which a government or nonprofit acts as a co-investor with a new homebuyer, and homebuyers agree to limit their equity appreciation in order to preserve affordability for future lower-income buyers.

Innovations in Manufactured Homes and the I'm HOME Network

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