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Racial Wealth Divide Policy

The Racial Wealth Divide Initiative was launched in 2015 to help CFED address racial wealth inequality in a more comprehensive and targeted manner. Below are policy publications that have come directly out of that initiative. For more information, visit the Racial Wealth Divide page.

The Ever Growing Gap: Without Change, African-American and Latino Wealth Won't Match White Wealth for Centuries | CFED Report (August 2016)
This report examines the growing racial wealth divide for Black and Latinos households and the ways that accelerating concentrations of wealth at the top compound and exacerbate this divide. We look at trends in wealth accumulation from 1983 to 2013, as well as projections of what the next thirty years might bring. We also consider the impact public policy has had in contributing to the racial wealth divide and how new policies can close this gap.

Presidential Action Needed to Close the Racial Wealth Divide | Federal Policy Proposal (February 2016)
In order to address the racial wealth divide, policymakers first need to understand how current federal policies are leaving communities of color behind. This proposal outlines concrete steps the next administration can take to close the racial wealth gap.

The Racial Wealth Gap is Growing | Fact File (May 2014)
There is a dramatic lack of minority wealth in this country, especially related to white wealth. This extreme disparity has far reaching consequences that lead to a state of overall financial instability for communities of color and a lack of social mobility for their children.

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