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Retirement Savings

Nearly half of all working-age adults have no retirement savings, and those who do have far too little to maintain an acceptable standard of living in retirement. While most Americans face this uncertain future, the support that does exist in the form of federal spending is going to the highest income Americans, rather than those who need support the most.

Retirement Gap: Americans Struggle to Save | Fact File (July 2016)
Americans face a retirement crisis. Too few Americans have retirement accounts, and those with accounts have too little saved.

From Upside Down to Right-Side Up: Redeploying $540 Billion in Federal Spending to Help All Families Save, Invest and Build Wealth  | CFED Report (July 2014)
This comprehensive analysis takes a hard look at the $540 billion in spending on federal tax programs that support asset building through homeownership, retirement savings, liquid savings and higher education, spending that isn’t helping most low- and moderate-income households.

Upside Down - Tax Incentives to Save & Build Wealth  | Federal Policy Brief (January 2014)
The federal tax code strongly encourages savings and investment, but the existing incentives to build wealth go mostly to the highest earners. CFED recommends that Congress improve tax incentives to help families build wealth.

Rebuilding American Success: Savings and Opportunity for All | Federal Policy Memo (April 2013)
CFED offers a new approach to restoring American economic security: empowering Americans to construct their own ladders to success by building savings and assets.

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