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Local Policy Resource Center

Local Policy Resource Center

A new generation of local leaders is using innovative asset-building strategies to help individuals and families achieve economic security. Local governments, coalitions, community-based organizations and other stakeholders are implementing innovative and effective programs, creating powerful partnerships and delivering forward-thinking services to the communities they serve every day.

CFED is helping local leaders across the country design the set of policies and program strategies they employ to create real, enduring improvements in the financial security of residents. Just as important, we connect the policy innovations and advocacy taking place at the local level to the policy dialogue and activities taking place at the state and federal levels.

Local Profiles

CFED’s Local Assets & Opportunity Profiles are in-depth data snapshots that can help local leaders and local advocates understand and assess the critical problems that perpetuate financial insecurity among their residents.

Local Profiles
A&O Local Data Center

The Assets & Opportunity Local Data Center is a resource for local-level household financial security.

Local Data Center

Featured Resources

Municipal Strategies for Asset Building and Financial Empowerment
Local leaders are pioneering new ways to leverage the resources and regulatory power of municipalities to work across departmental silos and public/private sector divides to scale up economic inclusion and asset-building opportunities for low- and moderate-income families. Municipal governments are uniquely poised to implement innovative and effective programs, create powerful partnerships and deliver forward-thinking services to the communities they serve every day.

This report highlights the innovative asset-building work that cities across the country are doing to educate, empower and protect residents in the financial marketplace.

Taking the First Step: Six Ways to Start Building Financial Security and Opportunity at the Local Level

Traditionally, efforts by municipal governments to shore up residents’ economic security have focused on increasing residents’ income through job creation and job training strategies. In recent years, many cities have begun to focus on parlaying that increased income into savings and durable assets. However, this report suggests that local innovators have a tremendous opportunity to learn and borrow from other cities and adopt cutting-edge techniques that build financial security.

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