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Children's Savings Accounts

Program Types

The Directory is a tool for practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and others to learn more about existing and planned children's savings initiatives and connect with other programs.

The directory features:

  • Children's Savings Accounts (CSAs) programs, defined by CFED as: Programs that provide restricted savings and/or investment accounts for children or youth (ages birth through 18); are intended for longer-term asset building such as higher education, entrepreneurship, homeownership or retirement; and provide direct, monetary savings incentives (e.g. seed deposits, savings matches, benchmark incentives, or prize-linked incentives)
  • Incentivized 529 college savings accounts that meet the definition of CSAs above and provide a savings match or refundable tax credit. 529 plans that offer tax deductions only, which may not be accessible for low-income families without a tax liability, are not included.
  • Other children’s savings initiatives that provide savings and/or investment accounts for low- or moderate-income children or youth (ages birth through 18) but do not meet all the criteria for CSA programs listed above.

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