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Individual Development Accounts

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Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are a great opportunity for non-profits throughout the country to offer an incentivized savings product to their clients. If you represent an organization interested in potentially starting your own program, below are some resources that might be helpful:

Learn the Basics

Visit this page to learn the basics about Individual Development Accounts.

Funding Opportunities:

The largest funder for Individual Development Accounts nationally is the federal government through the Assets For Independence (AFI) Act. The Administration for Children & Families at the Department of Health and Human Services administers the grant, and makes funding opportunities available to organizations on a regular basis. Visit the Assets for Independence Resource Center to learn more about the requirements, eligibility, and funding opportunities available.

In addition, organizations use local and regional funding, as well as philanthropic giving and foundation support, to fund IDA programs. To learn more about existing providers and other asset-building organizations in your area, visit the Assets & Opportunity Network.

Please note that CFED does not fund IDA initiatives directly.

Contact Current Providers:

Current providers can also be a great resource. To contact programs across the country, please visit our IDA Program Directory.

Design your program:

Please click here to access a compilation of sample materials and tools to help you with designing your program.

Contact the listserve:

The IDAnetwork listserv is am email list designed for practitioners interested in the IDA space. It is a great avenue to ask questions and receive feedback from peers.

Additional Resources:

  • Find your state's financial security data: CFED's Assets & Opportunity Scorecard ranks states (including DC) with key data points like liquid asset poverty, average credit card debt, average annual pay, average college graduate debt, among others. Find out how residents in your state fare when it comes to financial security and economic opportunity.
  • Get active on policy: Join the Assets & Opportunity Network to advocate at the local, state and federal level for expanding economic opportunity and promoting asset and wealth building for all Americans.

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