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Innovation Profile: Financial Security for Youth with Disabilities

Oakland, California

Innovative Idea Champion
Selected in 2009

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Update: October 2010

On October 19, 2010, Tom received the National Disability Institute's (NDI) Richard Keeling Leadership Award for his leadership in promoting and developing asset-building outreach, education and resources for people with disabilities. Tom received the award at NDI's Real Economic Impact Tour Celebration event at the National Press Club.

Burning Questions

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About the Innovation

Tom is creating comprehensive financial life plans for young people with disabilities so they can invest in themselves.

About the Innovator

Tom is Deputy Director for the World Institute on Disability. There, he uses his expertise in finance and law with the goal of changing the economic expectations of people with disabilities while developing and influencing legislation conducive to the participation of people with disabilities in asset-building programs.

Tags: Children & Youth, People with Disabilities, Saving & Investment, Underserved

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