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Program Overview

Program Overview

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I’M HOME, or Innovations in Manufactured Homes, is an initiative designed to unlock the potential of high quality manufactured housing as a key source of affordable and appreciating housing. The mission of I’M HOME is to ensure that families who purchase manufactured homes are able to build wealth through homeownership.


Many lingering problems prevent owners of manufactured homes from building wealth through homeownership. The basic hypothesis underlying I'M HOME is that improvements in the following conditions will enable owners of manufactured homes to take advantage of factory-built housing’s affordability while also having the opportunity to build wealth:

  • Home and installation quality
  • Long-term control over land beneath one’s home
  • Mortgage and other key financial products
  • Public policy reforms

In order to be good investments for families, manufactured homes must be well built and installed; homeowners must own, or at least have long-term control over, the land beneath their homes; the homes must be financed with fair and affordable terms; and finally, homeowners must be able to sell the homes at a fair value when they move.


I'M HOME has sought to realize this hypothesis by providing funding and technical assistance to innovative programs whose outcomes demonstrate the market potential of manufactured housing as a source of affordable and appreciating housing.

Since its launch in January 2005, I’M HOME's trajectory can be divided into three rough phases: a demonstration phase, a period of more deeply focused practice and policy support, and, most recently, a renewed commitment to support this work via a set of scale strategies. In the areas of new and replacement development and community preservation, I’M HOME currently focuses on developing large-scale, national delivery channels with our partners. This includes our support of ROC USA®, a technical assistance provider network making resident ownership of manufactured home communities a reality nationwide, and Next Step®, a national nonprofit distribution system to deliver high quality, energy efficient, factory-built housing at scale. We remain committed to identifying and communicating the policy and finance elements that must undergird any successful scale strategy as well as providing a space for nonprofits working in the manufactured housing field to come together and share best practices.

Our four main goals are:

  • To build new high-quality manufactured homes and replace outdated homes
  • To address the challenges facing residents in manufactured housing park communities
  • To advocate for public policies that help owners of manufactured homes
  • To facilitate, develop and provide access to fair and responsibly-priced mortgage financing

Learn more about the I’M HOME focus areas and goals:

Getting the Homes Right

Getting the Homes Right: New and Replacement Development

I’M HOME and our partners work with manufacturers to build new, high-quality, energy-efficient homes that will blend in to local communities and be affordable to families with low and moderate incomes. Learn about how CFED works to support the large-scale delivery of affordable and energy-efficient manufactured homes that appreciate and help families build wealth.

Getting the Communities Right

Getting the Communities Right: Gaining Long-Term Tenure through Resident Ownership

The 50,000 manufactured home communities in the US, more commonly called “mobile home parks,” present special challenges to efforts to help homeowners build wealth and achieve financial security. Learn about how CFED works to promote asset building for homeowners in manufactured housing communities.

Getting the Policy Right

Getting the Policy Right: Improving Laws and Regulations

Many consumer protections that help other homeowners don’t apply to people in manufactured homes. CFED and a national coalition of I’M HOME policy partners are working to build a more supportive policy environment at the local, state and federal levels. Learn about how CFED and our policy partners believe policy change supports our goal of delivering market-based solutions that help owners of manufactured housing build assets.

Getting the Financing Right

Getting the Financing Right

Owners of manufactured homes are often limited from obtaining traditional home mortgages which are less expensive than loans from manufactured home dealers. Learn about how CFED is working with a variety of partners, from community development financial institutions to state housing finance agencies and federal agencies, to promote and test responsible and appropriate manufactured housing mortgage lending.

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