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April is National Financial Capability Month! To mark the occasion, CFED is launching a month-long campaign focused on effective approaches to boosting financial capability for all. Starting April 1 and running throughout the month, we'll be sharing commentary, resources, stories and more each weekday. As the one-stop shop for all of our Financial Capability Month content, you'll want to bookmark this page and check back daily for updates. And, be sure to join the conversation on social media using #FinCapWorks.

WEEK 5: Financial Capability at Work

May 1Financial Capability for All [ - ][ + ]
The Inclusive Economy
Providing Financial Capability:
Out of the Classroom:
April 30Financial Capability Intregration Lessons [ - ][ + ]
April 29Employer-based financial capability services [ - ][ + ]
April 28Employer-based financial capability services [ - ][ + ]
April 27Financial Capability at Work [ - ][ + ]

WEEK 4: Youth Financial Capability

April 24Teach Children to Save Day [ - ][ + ]
The Inclusive Economy:
Children's Savings:
Building Financial Capability:
Providing Financial Capability:
April 23Building Financial Capability in Higher Education [ - ][ + ]
April 22Wealth Gap Wednesday [ - ][ + ]
April 21Building Financial Capability for education [ - ][ + ]
April 20Financial Capability: Not Just for Adults [ - ][ + ]

WEEK 3: Financial Capability at Tax Time

April 17Top Resources to Build Financial Capability at Tax Time [ - ][ + ]
The Inclusive Economy:
Photo Contest:
Assets & Opportunity Scorecard:
April 16Tracking Financial Capability [ - ][ + ]
April 15Tax Day! [ - ][ + ]
April 14Introducing Financial Capability ahead of the Tax Time moment [ - ][ + ]
April 10Financial Capability at Tax Time [ - ][ + ]

WEEK 2: Financial Capability at Home

April 10Housing Programs Build Financial Capability [ - ][ + ]
The Inclusive Economy:
Innovations in Manufactured Housing:
The Women's Foundation:
April 9Boosting Financial Capability through reminders [ - ][ + ]
April 8A new Financial Capability Learning Partnership [ - ][ + ]
April 7Financial Capability in the "real world" [ - ][ + ]
April 6Financial Capability in Housing Programs [ - ][ + ]

WEEK 1: Introduction to Financial Capability Month

April 3The Roadmap for Financial Capability Month [ - ][ + ]
The Inclusive Economy:
Out of the Classroom:
April 2 Building Financial Capability [ - ][ + ]
April 1Financial Capability: The How and The Why [ - ][ + ]

Featured Resources

Building Financial Capability: A Planning Guide for Integrated Services

Building Financial Capability: A Planning Guide for Integrated Services

This guide is an interactive resource to help a wide range of community-based and social service organizations integrate financial capability services into their existing programs (e.g. housing, workforce development or Head Start).

Tracking Financial Capability Guide #1: Identify and Prioritize Your Expected Outcomes

Tracking Financial Capability Guide #1: Identify and Prioritize Your Expected Outcomes

This guide is the first in a three-part series, Tracking Financial Capability. This series is designed for frontline organizations that plan to provide, or are already providing, services to help clients manage their financial resources more effectively and become more financially secure. The three guides in this series will help you establish processes to track your programs to ensure they are being implemented as planned and resulting in the outcomes you set out to achieve. These guides will help you clearly state up front what you hope to achieve as a result of these services, how you plan to bring about these changes in your clients’ lives (as depicted in your logic model), and how you will collect data to track your progress.

From The Field: Compass

From The Field: Compass

This From The Field fact file details how Compass Working Capital partners with housing authorities to help low-income families build wealth. The Compass FSS model integrates an aspirational marketing campaign, financial education, financial coaching and other asset building strategies into the program's core delivery model.

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