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These experts lead our growing Racial Wealth Divide team:

The Racial Wealth Divide Initiative was launched in 2015 to help CFED address racial wealth inequality in a more comprehensive and targeted manner. To get a regular update on the work of the Initiative, subscribe to our Race & Wealth newsletter. You can also listen to the Race & Wealth podcast to hear the most current in-depth conversations regarding efforts and challenges for bridging the racial wealth divide.

Letter from CFED Racial Wealth Divide Initiative Director, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad

On August 9, CFED and the Institute for Policy Studies published The Ever-Growing Gap: Without Change, African-American and Latino Families Won't Match White Wealth for Centuries. This new report shows how absent intervention, it will take Latinos 84 years to amass the wealth white families currently enjoy, while for African-American households, it would take an astonishing 228 years to amass the wealth whites have today. These findings highlight the challenges of growing economic inequality and seeks to help people understand the effects of the racial wealth divide, as well as which policies are needed to create better opportunity for people of color.

The report comes around the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative, and what a busy year it has been....Read more

Racial Wealth Divide Data Profiles

The Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of CFED present Racial Wealth Divide Data Profiles, which provides data on economic inequalities and helps readers understand how racial economic inequality affects economically marginalized communities. The development of these profiles is one of the first steps taken under the Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color project, funded by JPMorgan Chase. The project aims to advance best practices and strengthen resources for nonprofits of color.

Click here to view the profiles.

Spotlight: Race, Wealth and Community Solutions

In this episode we feature the webinar, “Programs, Policies, Partnerships: Coming Together to Heal the Racial Wealth Divide” from August 3, 2016. In this webinar you will meet three incredible people doing great work on the local level. First, you have Cecilia Gutierrez, Executive Director of Miami Children’s Initiative in Liberty City, FL. She discusses the work being done in her community and how programs have changed this community. Next we have Sheley Secrest, Economic Chair for NAACP Seattle King County & NAACP Alaska Oregon Washington State Conference, who you may remember from our previous podcast, “Race and Wealth and Seattle with Sheley Secrest.” This time Sheley talks about the power of policies and effective grassroots advocacy efforts in her community. Finally, we hear from Dr. Corey Wiggins, Director of the Hope Policy Institute. Dr. Wiggins discusses the power of partnership and how to effectively build partnerships among nonprofits.

Racial Wealth Divide

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