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All software, it seems, has quirks. As VITA tax preparers and reviewers adapt to the new TaxSlayer software, we are discovering those nuances and identifying ways to navigate through them with TaxSlayer and our VITA partners like you in a way that ensures accurate tax return preparation.

The Taxpayer Opportunity Network is starting a blog called SLAIN: Let's Slay Together. This blog will be a place for VITA TaxSlayer users to identify and share software nuances that need to be emphasized in training.

SLAIN: Let's Slay Together is a place to share shortcuts and software navigation tips so that everyone can include this information in volunteer training and tax preparer job tools.

The SLAIN report, see form below, is an online form that we created to capture and share with each other. You can use the form to record any quirks, twists, and oddities that you encounter when using TaxSlayer. Please take the time to report such items as they occur. Anyone can send a report. But keep in mind that this blog is not a place to report actual software errors – those must be reported to TaxSlayer. Instead, it’s a venue for the Taxpayer Opportunity Network to share and collaborate with VITA programs nationwide so we can work together to help all volunteers maintain high quality and provide excellent service to our taxpayers during the 2017 filing season.

Sample SLAIN reports have been created as examples below. All submissions will be reviewed to check accuracy and avoid duplication. But please, research the SLAIN: Let's Slay Together blog before completing a report.

Questions? Send an email to SLAIN: Let's Slay Together.

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