State & Local Profiles

The Prosperity Now state and local profiles offer an in-depth look at how metropolitan areas, cities and states are faring when it comes to their residents’ financial health and well-being. These profiles also offer policy recommendations for how mayors, county executives, state legislatures, governors and other lawmakers can help their constituents get by and get ahead.

Prosperity Now develops state and local profiles in partnership community-based nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, and state and local policy makers to build awareness and advance policies that promote financial security. If you are interested in creating a profile for your state, city or metropolitan area, please email

Below are past local data profiles for your reference. Please note that these do not reflect the most recent data.


Local Data Profiles

FAC_baltimore.jpg Baltimore profile published March 2016. Read more
FAC_boston.png Boston profile published October 2014. Read more
charlotte_profile_image.png Charlotte profile published July 2012. Read more
FAC_chicago.png Chicago profile published June 2015. Read more
dallas_profile_image.png Dallas profile published February 2012. Read more
durham_profile_image.png Durham profile published March 2012. Read more
hawaii_profile_image.png Hawaii profile published November 2010. Read more
FAC_houston.png Houston profile published February 2015. Read more
FAC_los_angeles.jpg Los Angeles profile published December 2015. Read more
FAC_miami.png Miami profile published December 2014. Read more
minneapolis_profile_image.png Minneapolis profile published December 2010. Read more
neworleans_profile_image.png New Orleans profile published August 2012. Read more
newyork_profile_image.png New York City profile published June 2010. Read more
FAC_newark.jpg Newark profile published October 2015. Read more
newark_profile_image.png Newark profile published June 2010. Read more
FAC_oakland.jpg Oakland profile published February 2016. Read more
portland_profile_image.png Portland profile published August 2011. Read more
providence_profile_image.png Providence profile published June 2010. Read more
reno_profile_image.png Reno profile published October 2013. Read more
FAC_sacramento.png Sacramento profile published February 2015. Read more
sanantonio_profile_image.png San Antonio profile published June 2010. Read more
sanfrancisco_profile_image.png San Francisco profile published June 2010. Read more
savannah_profile_image.png Savannah profile published June 2010. Read more
seattle_profile_image.png Seattle profile published June 2010. Read more
stpaul_profile_image.png St. Paul profile published December 2010. Read more
FAC_washington_dc.png Washington, DC profile published September 2015. Read more
winstonsalem_profile_image.png Winston-Salem profile published August 2011. Read more


Racial Wealth Divide Profiles

RWD_WebButton-Baltimore.jpg The unemployment rate for Black households in Baltimore is over three times the rate for White households. Read more
RWD_WebButton-Chicago.jpg The average White-owned business value in Chicago is more than 12 times the value of an average Black-owned business. Read more
RWD_WebButton-Miami.jpg The average White household in Miami makes three times the annual income of the average household of color. Read more
RWD_WebButton-NOLA.jpg Families of color in New Orleans are six times more likely to live in poverty than White families. Read more